“Make talent visible”

When these issues need to be addressed:

  • We wish to outline the qualities of employees and to find out in which areas they need to be educated and trained.
  • We want to be absolutely positive about the right man or woman in the right place.
  • Is this candidate suitable for the position?
  • What are the possibilities and goals of this particular employee with his career and what would be the best way for us to support him?
  • Is it possible for this particular employee to move on to a managerial position?
  • What would be the best way to support this new team?
  • Does the new director we have in mind really match with our company?

What does the Development Factory do? We assist organizations with the assessment and development of their employees. By using the Birkman method and with other devices we will provide a clear picture of competencies, talents and drives. In doing so it will become clear how people respond to each other and what their needs are. We are also deployed in relation to career inquiries, selection issues and can also be deployed for coaching.

If you have any questions about suitability, potential and development queries of your employees then you are most welcome to consult us for tailor-made assessments. If you would you like to have more information about the Birkman, coaching, assessments or team assessments? Please have another look at this site or contact us at
(026) 351 50 60.



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